Call for Proposal: Strengthening Social Compliance Project

Diskusi Komunitas
Amount: Phase 1: $2M and Phase 2: $4M
Deadline: 6 Oktober 2023
Duration: Phase 1: 36 months and Phase 2: 4 years

U.S. Deptartment of Labor: Bureau of International Labor Affairs Strengthening Social Compliance Project

The project will aim to achieve the following Outputs:
• Output 1: Actionable resources developed to enable the establishment of global worker driven social compliance systems that prevent, reduce, and remediate forced labor

• Output 2: Private sector stakeholders adopt worker-driven social compliance systems by leveraging actionable resources developed in Output 1 in selected sectors/countries

o Sub Output 2.1: A worker-driven social compliance system piloted in the Indonesian palm oil sector

o Sub Output 2.2: Worker-driven social compliance resources shared with private sector stakeholders through workshops, trainings, and consultations


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